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Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

Using the principles of Statistical methods can greatly enhance the results of a research . Practically , statistical formulations provide the numerical equivalent degree of reliability of a research study . However in to acquire the full potential of a statistical tool for computation , one must be adequately knowledgeable enough about these calculations in to interpret the results in the most credible way

The article in reference is titled the ANOVA Statistical Programming with PHP . Basically , Statistical computations are now widely integrated with much software . Sometimes , it is really a complicated

thing for a student to choose which one will best suit his computation needs

Basically , the author intends to teach the readers how to integrate ANOVA calculations using the PHP programming language . The article somehow provided well structured steps in delegating the crucial parameters of the ANOVA analysis by indicating the six necessary platforms of evaluation . These are the Specification of the Data Presentation of Raw Data , Illustration (Boxplot , Descriptive Statistics , Single Factor ANOVA Table and the Mean Differences

In for the readers to fully understand the functional work of PHP in ANOVA , the author also provided the step by step guidelines in producing the exact code in PHP to obtain the six parameters of analysis . The codes and syntaxes were integrated in the article every time a step is presented . This somehow provided a quick reference guide as to how the format of the commands should be typed

Another feature of the article is that it provided an easy way for the readers to see what the results of each command parameters will look like . The author placed the table and diagram results of the PHP command just right after each command format . Apart from the explanations about each step , the readers are able to increase their awareness on the graphical interface that they should expect if they would like to use the same commands to their set of data

Even though the article has some of the most significant effective ways of data presentation and discussion , there are also some shortcomings which can be identified in the article . One very apparent characteristic is the assumption of the author about the fact that ANOVA is already accepted to be a normal day to day calculation which is actually not . The article didn 't even provided a very condensed summary of what ANOVA is all about and when it can be used for researches . All it provided is that it can be used pharmaceuticals and agriculture but failed to at least minimally discuss what the test aims to produce . In statistics , it is very important to present a formulation related to when it can be used . This encompasses the efficiency of the computation if certain conditions are met . For example , number of respondents extent of data and the way the data were gathered all contribute in specifying which statistical test is appropriate . ANOVA is a good choice for basic analysis but it can be disgraceful especially if...

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