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Qualitative Research Methods - Phenomenology

Examine Methodology for a Qualitative Phenomenological Research Project Sample group of twenty heavy equipment operators Focus : Safety Examining : Experiences associated with safe behavior Concerns cover motivation for personal safety and how managers affect worker safety Hypothesis : Empowering safety improves performance

Research Philosophy

Research is a systematic process that enables individuals academicians , organizations and scientists to learn more about an issue to determine the effectiveness of a program or to test a hypothesis Research is probably the most important tool that society has developed as a means of providing answers to questions and

exploring man 's curiosity . There are varied ways to do research and each discipline has its own research orientation , for example , pure sciences rely on experiments , organizational psychology use surveys and health sciences use case studies . However , what research approach to use is influenced by one 's research philosophy which guides how the research question is formulated , what theories to use , what data collection method to employ and how to report findings and what conclusions to arrive at . This is why establishing one 's research philosophy at the onset of the research process

This research study adopts the post-positivist philosophy as contrasted with the positivist tradition of quantitative research . The post-positivist philosophy provided an alternative to positivism which has been increasingly challenged over the years as an inadequate tool for depicting real life and its reliance on statistical equations Post-positivism asserts that reality is subjective and construed by individuals differently , determining how people experience and perceive reality is for the post positivist the crux of research for it provides a more detailed and true account of the or research variable (Freydberg , 2002

This researcher 's philosophy is to apply the post-positivist approach to the study of organizational behavior , specifically how heavy equipment operators experience safety and how managers motivate employees to behave safely . This research aim will be examined using a qualitative approach wherein the objective is to describe and understand how individuals in a risky work environment experience and define safety

Research Method

Post-positivism as a research philosophy uses the qualitative research method to gather and analyze data . Qualitative research methods are in direct opposition to quantitative research methods that focus on numbers and mathematical equations . Qualitative methods are more focused on statements , experiences , narratives , ideas and stories which researchers believe provide a more accurate picture of the research issue (Seymour 2006 . Qualitative methods use the inductive process and are more exploratory , since it is not limited to statistical models , hypothesis and equations . There are various ways to conduct qualitative methods such as intensive interviews , focus group discussions , narratives diaries and even participant observations . As with quantitative methods the sample population , the formulation of research limitations and objectives are the same . Qualitative research methods share commonalities which include the use of a more personal approach to data collection , for example , in-depth interviews require that the researchers interact on a one-on-one interview with their participants they should be able to establish rapport with the participants so that...

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