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Pursuit of Happyness movie

The Pursuit of HappYness

The Pursuit of Happyness ' released in 2006 , has been both a critically acclaimed film and a huge financial success . Deriving its strength from a true story , the film depicts the life of a working class man as he struggles to find happiness even as he battles deep financial and emotional crises . Set in 1980 's San Francisco amid the background of a failing economy and rising destitution , the protagonist Chris Gardener does a delicate balancing act which can either lead him to great riches or land his life

(and that of his son ) in a turmoil from which they may never rise . The film is the story of absolute hope shining through terror . It convenes the message that determination and hard work can surmount any challenge thereby rewriting the American dream in modern lingo . The lead roles are assailed by stars that have already proved their mettle numerous times and it is not surprising that Will Smith - who played Chris Gardener , was nominated for an Oscar for his role in this film

The strength of the story and the power of his character cuts through the script like a blade of steel and the characters alone make evaluating the movie problematic . With their remarkable performances they compensate for any shortcomings that the script might have had . The challenge of the movie was to depict the conflict and tension of Chris Gardener 's life without draining the energy of the viewer . In this they have remarkably...

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