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Psychosocial Autobiography Assignment

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Early Adolescence Age : 12-18

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I was coming to the end of the early adolescent stage at 17 almost 18 years of age . All I cared about was deciding on a college to attend . My family was the most important part of my life . Since I had never lived away from them I had anxiety about going to college out of the country I spent most of my time studying . My parents always drilled the importance of education in

my mind . My goal was to attend college . The challenge I faced was maintaining my GPA in school . I had internal conflicts when I was much older than the other students . I lacked communication skills because I did not talk much at school . All I wanted was to have a clear identity of who I was . A key event was being in the class and working in an elementary school because they helped me gain confidence . This was a huge transition in my life because I was getting ready to leave my country of Sweden to go to college in America


Developmental Tasks

During this time , I was slowly starting to develop my sense of self When I first entered this stage I took a moratorium . Once I reached the age of 12 , I did not have a clear idea of who I was . I lacked the desire to have responsibility . Junior high all the way through high school I only had a few friends . My shy nature caused me to fear friendships and even relationships . I entered early adolescence with an egocentric view after a relative stress free childhood . I always believed that I was special and privileged , even though I came from an average family . My mom would always give positive reinforcement and spoiled me . In my mind however I was this special child

Psychosocial Crisis

My psychosocial crisis came when I realized I would be on my own after high school . I had lived a sheltered life . My parents had not given me adequate skills to survive in the world . It was during this time I started to become confused with my role in life . There was no longer a clear path . Instead my ego was not able to fully resolve my problems Although the initial crisis of moving schools at age 13 had started to diminish , I was still trying to find my sense of self and my identity Working at the elementary school helped since no one knew me . I was able to leave my past behind . The crisis was slowly starting to go away as I ended stage five

Central Process

The central process is having the ability to move towards resolving the psychosocial crisis . It is understanding that there needs to be some resolution and working towards a solution . For me the central process was getting involved in clubs in school . I saw this as the opportunity for me to get rid of the crisis that had been hanging around me . All I wanted to do was to be myself again . I wanted to have an understanding of who I was and to have fun

Radius of Significant Relationships

The Radius of Significant Relationships has developed to include family , peers and culture . There is an awareness of one 's role and how others connect . I was beginning to expand my radius to include more people and cultures . I was able to develop more relationships , which in turn helped me start to overcome my previous crisis . This was very evident in the fact that I was starting to develop more friends my last year of high school . I wanted to learn more about people as well as expand my academic knowledge

Coping Behavior

During the coping behavior it is when individuals learn how to identify and overcome their problems . It is when they want to move towards a solution and find things that comfort them through that . My coping behavior was to become lost in reading . I knew that no one could bother me . It was a way out of social situations . I would also get caught up in doing homework because I saw it was an easy way out of talking to others

Prime Adaptive Ego Qualities

The prime adapted ego qualities are made to help develop a positive resolution to the crisis . This is a means to help with resources aimed towards empowering the individual to cope with the next crisis . I adapted better study skills while my ego started adapting . I was able to feel better about my next transition . I started to not fear social situations . Core pathologies tend to be a destructive force that leads to negativity towards the crisis . While I was trying to develop social skills , I also wanted to not be in public situations all the time . I wanted some quiet alone time for myself . This was my way of balancing the crisis . I went out and started learning who I was


There have been various influences during my early adolescence stage but the most important was getting involved in my church . The extra class I took helped me to learn more about who I was and what I wanted in life . This has greatly influenced me because I have no problem going up to complete strangers and starting a conversation . Anyone who is going through this , my best advice would be to get involved in community service . It will give adolescence some sense of belonging . This will translate over time and that person will be able to overcome personal challenges

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