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How Psychology effects our everyday life

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Psychology in Our Everyday Life

Psychology or knowledge of the psyche is an important course that everyone should take . Everyday , we encounter situations that require more patience than what we expect . When we deal with difficult people cram for an exam , or make a class presentation , we require more than the basic knowledge about the world . Often , when we deal with others , we face consequences that challenge our deepest thoughts , and move us to do an act that could affect

our entire life

During these difficult times , we need to possess some knowledge about people 's personalities , and the reasons for their behavior . Psychology offers this knowledge , making us obtain an overview of the whole situation . With background of Psychology , we will see different aspects of a situation . We can identify that most troubles we encounter are by-products of the way we were raised by our parents , or what our grown-up culture taught us . By studying Psychology , we would also know how to react accordingly to situations , and avoid repeating the mistakes that we commit . If everyone studies and apply Psychology in everyday life , our world will truly be a better place to live in

Considering the benefits Psychology can do to people , educators should plan of introducing it in the earlier curriculum , for instance , in the middle school or high school . Integrating it the high school curriculum or introducing it even in the middle school would help students obtain a better understanding of themselves . If students would have an overview of their individual situations , they would know better how to handle problems , and would find a better meaning in their lives . Parents would even have less trouble in raising them as they can think and act maturely . There will be less crime rates , teenage marriage , drug addiction , delinquency , etc

The great teacher , Socrates once said , care for your psyche .know thyself , for once we know ourselves , we may learn how to care for ourselves ' Psychology promotes the knowledge of the mind - its strengths , misgivings , and weaknesses . It helps people to analyze their situations and respond properly to situations . The knowledge it brings gives us the capability to hold on and stay sane . In the same manner those who lack the capability to apply Psychology in their lives sometimes lose balance and become insane . This is why the study of Psychology is very important , as it helps in maintaining a healthy mind and lifestyle

Psychology is part of everyone 's life . From the time we were conceived by our mothers up to the time we lay to rest , psychology serves as our guide in making wise decisions . In to choose what is best for us it is important to know ourselves first , our inclinations and fears , and the reasons behind them . Basically , if we know ourselves , we could be in full command of our lives . We would have control of everything , and although not all things will come out the...

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