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Psychology in the way we eat

How food affect mood

Mood is a feeling that people have at any given time and it can be influenced by many factors . One of these factors is the food we eat Food that is served and eaten by people may arouse some specific human senses which ultimately end up influencing /affecting their mood

The sense that is influenced by food and can strongly affect people 's mood is that of smell . Even before the food is served people can smell how it smells and this is likely to affect their mind hence

br the mood changes accordingly . Good smelling food is likely to bring about a good mood where as awful smelling food may destroy one 's day by affecting his /her mood negatively

Sight of the food which is basically portrayed in the form of the colors of the food can also affect the people 's mood . When people eat food with their favourite colours they are more likely to be happy and this enhances their mood . On the reverse food which has dull colors for those who like bright coloured food tend to get bad moods from eating the experience . The color of food when it 's being cooked as well as its presentation can affect one 's mood in either negative or positive ways (John Fuller , 67

The taste of food can also influence one 's mood .Taste buds are connected with mind which determines our feelings i .e . mood at any given time . When the taste buds sense a good smell information is relayed to the brain to accept or like the food . These results in the person eating the food having good mood . On the other hand when the food being consumed has a bad taste , it is likely to spoil the mood of the consumer

Temperature at which food is served /taken can also be a determinant of mood of the person eating the food .For example white wine which conditionally has to be served while chilled , when served at room temperature can spoil the consumer 's mood . When food (hot food ) such as grilled /beef is served cold can also affect peoples mood negatively When food is at right temperature it helps to enhance the mood of the people eating it .So basically the effect on the mood is determined partially or wholly by perception . When people have perception that certain foods should be served at specific given temperatures it has to be served at those temperatures if the people 's good mood is to be maintained

Another thing that can enhance or destroy people 's mood when eating food is the way it is presented .Well garnished / decorated food increases appetite and ultimately brings about good mood to the consumer .When food is presented in a bad manner and in a bad environment the mood of the people during and after eating may be affected negatively . Presentation is more depended on perception as different people perceive different styles of service and presentation...

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