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Psychology/Theology Theory Model Compare/ Contrast Critique

Running Head : Theory Critique






Theory Critique

This critique is an analysis of two books namely , Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend and the book `Hurt People hurt people : Hope and Healing for yourself and your relationships by Sandra D . Wilson . These two books take a religious perspective on healing and freeing one self of emotional as well as psychological burdens . Both books give the readers and empowering experience in a world that seems to always take toil on everyday life . These

two authors give insight to the readers on how one can take control of situations and the direction of his /her life and solidify our relationship with others

A critical look at cloud and Townsend 's book , a clear definition of the book title is provided . Boundaries are invisible lines that distinguish who we are and who we are not . Notably these boundaries are unseen yet they are as real to our relationship with others as the China wall Boundaries define one 's soul and they help you to guard it and maintain it (Prov . 4 :23 . This means when one knows what his limit is say where to begin and where to stop it gives him a sense of responsibility over his `space ' and yields . Freedom over that space . Townsend Clouds book emphasizes the theory that individual boundaries is crucial to attaining happiness in life and developing rational and emotional well-being a vital component to maintaining health . Relations our boundaries affect our relationships with others , whether in marriage workplace , school and in the family

Sandra advances theory of how hurt is a vicious cycle that never seems to end unless an intervention occurs . This intervention is reliance on a divine power greater than our inner conflicts , i .e . Jesus Christ Hurt is passed on from generation to generation . Wilson postulates that when people learn to depend on Jesus Christ , then they experience catalysis i .e . healing from pain and hurt . Ultimately , one is empowered to let go of past hurt and hence not transfer it to innocent individuals who had no hand in contributing to the pain in the first place

Theory Critique

Hurt people project their feelings to others by hurting them too . The psychology behind this is transference (Schachter , 2002 . Sandra Wilson says that people who have been hurt in the past hurt others as a defense mechanism against being hurt the same way they did in their previous experiences . Human beings experience hurt at one point in life and when we do , suffering and pain ensues . These short a battle of emotional conflicts from within and naturally , we transfer the hurt to other consciously or unconsciously (Wilson , 2001 . As a result , our relationship with others is impinged on . So , how does Wilson 's theory compare with that advanced by cloud and Townsend ? The similarly between the two authors over tune is that hurt is a result of emotional distress . Boundaries distinguish who were and what we want from what...

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