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Paper Topic:

Psychology Quiz

Answers are highlighted in yellow

1 . The activation of some feature detectors in response to visual stimulation depends on our assumptions and interpretations of the sensory input . This best illustrates the importance of

A ) difference thresholds

B ) sensory adaptation

C ) top-down processing

D ) accommodation

2 . For some people , hearing certain sounds may activate color-sensitive regions of the cortex so as to trigger a sensation of color . This phenomenon is called

A ) tinnitus

B ) blindsight

C ) synaesthesia

D ) kinesthesis

3 . Which theory would suggest that watching

a horror movie late at night could lower your absolute threshold for sound as you subsequently tried to fall asleep

A ) place theory

B ) opponent process theory

C ) frequency theory

D ) signal detection theory

4 . The volley principle is most directly relevant to our perception of

A ) color

B ) brightness

C ) pain

D ) pitch

5 . Which of the following pain control techniques is emphasized in the Lamaze method of childbirth training

A ) accommodation

B ) subliminal stimulation

C ) kinesthesis

D ) distraction

6 . The horizon Moon appears to shrink in size if it is viewed through a narrow tube that eliminates the perception of distance cues . This best illustrates the importance of

A ) relative clarity

B ) stroboscopic movement

C ) context effects

D ) visual capture

7 . The cocktail party effect provides an example of

A ) perceptual constancy

B ) perceptual set

C ) selective attention

D ) stroboscopic movement

8 . The perception of the letter t ' as two intersecting lines rather than as four nonintersecting lines illustrates the principle of


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