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Psych Clinical Reflection

Psych 1

Psych Clinical Reflection

Dear Professor ______________

One thing that I really appreciate about being a nursing student is not only technically applying the theories I have studied inside the four walls of the classroom but the opportunity of learning and immersing with my clients during our regular rotations . Furthermore , what is good about this profession is being able to relate my personal experiences with that of my clients which is something very promising as a nursing student to be fully equipped with becoming a registered nurse in the

future . But the irony is , this nursing reflection I am going to share with you is something I have always feared about

In my present rotation in the psychiatric unit , I feel somewhat anxious and apprehensive . To put it straight , I was once institutionalized but in some way I am confident that more than the other nursing students , I can better understand what our clients are going through inside the ward . It is impossible to say that we can completely comprehend the feelings of other people . But to say the least , I can empathize what they are experiencing in the ward because of the mere fact I was one of them a long time ago

I know any reader , including you for that matter , will be disturbed upon discovering I was institutionalized years ago . I was only 13 then and the memories keep rushing back to me once in a while . I attempted to commit suicide . I attempted to end...

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