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Pros and cons of corporate sponsorship for schools

Schools and Big Business : Should they come together

In the current thinking , one thinks of school as the preparatory ground for students to get ready to jump into the corporate world . Yet the two have very divergent schools of thought . Schools are meant to shape the ideals of the youth to give those values and the much-needed impetus skills and know-how to be able to survive the corporate jungle , to put it in a way . Schools are there for the shaping of the core beliefs and the ideals to hedge the youth from

the mentality of business entities

But just what are the ideals of the corporate world ? Be they true or perceived , the corporate world has projected the image of competition no holds barred . Getting all that one lays his heart and his eyes on , to achieve the goal of corporate grinding and battles to reach for the all important promotion , the coveted seat in the boardroom , the parking slot for the winning employee , all the perks and privileges that the hardworking , or as pictured in the media , the scheming , hungry employee can gain . Ah yes , the corporate image

But in this day and age , the issue of whether to allow the infusion of corporate funds in the coffers of schools has triggered some level of concern . Many of the advocates of the corporate funding for schools have averred to the positive aid programs for the schools (Peter Cowly 2007 . These supporters point to the various charitable activities that...

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