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Pros and Cons: Are Antipsychotic Medications the Tratment of Choice for People with Psychosis?

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Pros and Cons : Are Antipsychotic Medications the Treatment of Choice for People with Psychosis

The issue at stake is whether or not anti-psychotic medicines would indeed offer a cure for people who are suffering from psychosis of any kind . Popular opinion varies on the while some like Fuller Torrey feel that anti-psychotic medication is indeed helpful in treating psychoses , Robert Whitaker states that these medicines in fact make the patient sicker than before , and increase the chances of

re-hospitalization . Let us examine what Fuller Torrey has to say on the . Drugs are extremely important for treating mental ailments like schizophrenia , because anti-psychotic drugs , which can be divided into first and second generation do not cure , but control the symptoms , much like diabetes medication may do . Torrey says that several experts have reiterated that anti-psychotic drugs bring on a host of side effects in the patient , like for example a schizophrenic may exhibit tardive dyskinesia . However , a recent study of schizophrenics , who had never been given anti-psychotic medication has reveled the fact that they had an extraordinary prevalence of abnormal movements and postures ' This can be taken to mean that these symptoms are in no way drug related

Current research today focuses on trying to identify which persons among schizophrenics are more likely than others to develop tardive dyskinesia , and it has become evident that symptoms are closely related to the age of the person . It is also clear...

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