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Pros and Cons of Instant Replay





Pros and Cons of Instant Replay


With all of the technological developments that emerged in the recent times , several of these have already found their way onto the courts and fields of professional athletics . Instant replay is one of the major technological innovations in the recent years that are now regularly used in sports . The technology identified as instant replay permits broadcast of a previously occurring sports actions using recorded video There are heated discussions over the initial use of instant replay

which generally stemmed from difference over which game executions are appropriate for instantaneous replay . Nevertheless , a number of sports leagues today have taken advantage of the apparatus by establishing a regulation which justifiably permits the employment of instant replay in certain instances by game officials

Advantages of Instant Replay in Sports

Within the past decade , the National Basketball Association , the National Hockey League , the National Football League , and many others have accepted instant replay to steer clear of any disagreements that could take place from an erroneous call at some stage of the game . Every league has its individual instant replay variation , although every one of which serves as safety nets for human referees . In the past as well in the present , missed calls are the center of concern for the trustworthiness and integrity of every major and minor sports league . No matter what kind of sports is concerned , people can make errors all the time . Bad calls are dangerous to people , at...

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