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Pros & Cons of Having Report on the Battle Field

On the other hand , the press strives to be as informed as possible on as many s as possible concealing information is anathema to a reporter (Aukofer Lawrence , 1995 ,

. 23 . This is where the media and military clash on the issue of information security . The media should know that disclosing top secret documents could paralyze military strategic operations and endanger the lives of soldiers . If the enemy knows the plan in advance , the US military could lose the war and the country 's defense system weakened . Meanwhile , having the right to free

br press the media has moral obligations to safeguard the integrity of a state . Reporters could expose government scandals or corruptions but not the country 's national security because it could destroy America and put the safety of every citizen at risk . There should be a limit to reporting regarding military operations because of the sensitive information involve that might devastate the US armed forces and make the country vulnerable to enemy attacks as well as threaten international peace and security

To compromise both parties should first recognize and respect each other 's role as guardians of democracy . In covering wars , the media has to follow the rules set aside by the military and that the military should give a briefing or training for reporters . There should be an agreement signed by media what or what not to cover . This contract will contain the limitations of reporting and how reporters should conduct themselves in the battlefield so that every move is coordinated . The military should likewise be educated on the functions of the media so that its personnel will be able to help reporters fulfill their duties Finally , military officials should always make themselves available for the media to establish communication and partnership


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