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Project Management

Setting Up a Local Area Network

For a Supplementary School

In HongKong

June 29 , 2008

Introduction . 3 What is a Supplementary School . 4 What is Local Area Networking . 5 Networking Materials . 5 The Business Case . 7 Project Scope and Specification . 8 Deliverables of the Project . 9 Benefits of LAN . 9 Materials Required for Implementation . 11 Estimated Price of Each Material . 12 Return of Investment . 13 Problems in the Location . 14 Installation Fees 14 Network Maintenance Concern . 14 Work Schedules . 15

Risk Management Plan . 15 Project Team Members and Roles . 17 Feedback System 17 References . 20 Introduction

The advent of computer networking had brought significant developments in the business practice . It is being utilized by all Profit and Non-profit organizations around the world today . In the field of education , Studies show computer-based instruction can individualize instruction and give instant feedback to students , even explaining the correct answer . The computer is infinitely patient and nonjudgmental thus motivating students to continue (Coley . For this reason , we have selected a supplementary school in Hongkong to which we should conduct a feasibility study and propose the benefits of setting up a Local Area Connection for the school 's community

What is a Supplementary School

In a document written by Parminder Johal , he noted the significant role of supplementary schools in a certain country - supplementary schools were created to provide opportunities to learn the home language . be able to use it effectively whilst at home and abroad (Johal . Steve Strand defined supplementary schooling as . extra schooling organized by and for particular ethnic groups outside of mainstream provision (Strand

Supplementary School in Hongkong

Mark Bray and Percy Kwok conducted study on supplementary tutoring in Hongkong . In their research they noted , Private supplementary tutoring has deep roots , as in other East Asian societies such as Japan , South Korea and Taiwan . At the same time , analysis of the Hong Kong situation might hold lessons for societies in which private supplementary tutoring is not currently a major enterprise but in which it is growing (Bray and Kwok . This growth is influenced by the fact that clients of private tutors can much more easily select the types , durations and intensities of services that they desire , and can instantly cease enrollment at any time (Bray and Kwok

Bray and Kwok noted that there are 3 nature of Supplementary tutoring Academic Subjects , Financial Gain , and Additional to the provision by mainstream schooling . An academic subject tutoring is concerned with teaching academic subjects such as language and mathematics excluding extra-curricular subjects , and religious studies . Financial Gain tutoring is somehow focused on financial gains - i .e . Companies hires tutor to conduct training and has no concern over extra lessons from schools . The last type is Additional to provision by mainstream tutoring is mostly provided outside school hours , week-ends , and during vacations

What is Local Area Networking

From an online source , local area network is defined as a computer network covering a small geographic area - i .e . a home , office , or group of buildings e...

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