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5. The Progressives (social reformers) in their confrontation with the Capitalists played an important and vital role in formation of modern America.

Social Reformers and Progressivism

The answer is TRUE . The progressivism was highlighted by the key role that was played by the social reformers and intellectuals in the economic , political and social transformation of the society . These changes that the progressives sought for were viewed as cures ' for the social illness that the United States has suffered from the rapid changes brought by the emergence of Industrialization and growth of capitalism . These changes , as progressives believed were the end of the old world which was a necessity to create a new that was

br more appropriate for the new and modern America (Schambra and West 2007

The Progressives made different assessments to solve the problems of the society , though they generally shared the common views and ideas on how the government should act in accordance to create such reforms . Thus the progressives sought to change the existing constitutional system to make it more dynamic and more responsive to social change by improving scientific knowledge and incorporating the development of administrative bureaucracy (Schambra and West , 2007

Moreover , the progressives led a large majority of the Americans towards achieving a shared belief which concerned how public policies were amended . The progressives at the end of the Civil War played a definite role in making a consensus amongst the people towards the founding of American principles which approached the line of protecting basic civil rights of everyone

The first and second waves of the progressivism , the social reformers seek changes that were geared towards (1 ) abolitionism - the eradication of the tenets of slavery and the strong call of the population towards humanizing treatments and social condition for the larger population and (2 ) uplifting the rights of the women and support the emergence of the farm movement (Ideas and Movements

Further , social reformers also geared their actions towards the improvement of the political system . They advocated for changes in the electoral system which shall serve as protection for the society through encouraging suffrage for the women , secret balloting and referendums and recalls . They also sought to eradicate corruption and political influences in the society and further enhanced the role of the government in the political responses that shall ensure fairness in society when it comes to economic matters

This intensified role of the progressives in the shaping of the modern America , has been translated in their further influences in the political system wherein the measures that they sponsored were then used as groundwork for the massive federal interventions made in the economy (Anderson , 2002

The triumphs of the progressives (social reformers ) were not only during the time that America needed change in the society . Their triumphs are within the boundaries of the influences that they have sought to establish that are now existent and obvious in the current world system . The progressives have widely used the opportunity to lay down their influence throughout the country in to impose a number of reforms upon the people . And as such , the majority of the people...

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