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Progress always comes at a price

The whole economy of the South rested on being able to use the slaves to gain profit from their agricultural products . Cotton was the major export , and of course slaves were essential to this business . When the war began , Northern troops blocked Southern ports so that they could no longer export cotton , which was a fatal blow to the Confederacy 's economy . Thus the war resulted in inflation in the South , and its banking system was destroyed and could not recover , and the destruction of the institution of slavery resulted in a

much less profitable cotton enterprise . The Southern population because their agricultural economy was strangled by Northern efforts had to make significant sacrifices for the war - many had to give up their homes , many starved , and thousands of civilians died , either from violence or starvation

However , although the war was a blow to slave owners , it resulted in significant industrialization . Industrialism began as a result of the increase in wartime production and the development of new technologies The Civil War had some severely negative effects on the economy particularly in the South , but it also spurred the economic growth of the North . Additionally , because of the ultimate unification of the Northern and Southern states , the net effect is that economy improved overall . Although slave owners were hit hard and the South experienced inflation , the resulting industrialization ultimately more than compensated for this . The North also experienced economic difficulties but soon profited from the massive industrialization that ensued

The American Civil War greatly impacted the economy , moral milieu , and the global strength of what is now the United States . Specifically , the progress associated with the American civil war consists of economic growth , moral betterment , and national solidarity , although many had to starve , die , or lose their homes in the process...

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