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Program Evaluation of Social Service Agency Program


Illinois Program Plan on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (2003-2007

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Many factors affect the lives of the people in a community . Family relatives , work , medicine and drugs , Education , civic organizations are factors needed by the people in to live a better life . Each one of us have the right to access on all of these but there are limitations for our own safety and protection . Many

people suffering on different chronic diseases due to alcohol and drug abuse . The state government of Illinois prepare program plans to ensure that the organization will carry out its aim to provide good alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation to its residents . Research and studies are important factors to consider in developing program plans

Illinois Program Plan on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (2003-2007

The government of Illinois is aware of the drug and alcohol addiction on its almost 2 million residents . Abuse of alcohol and drugs may lead to addiction which is hard to control . The human suffering and social and economic loss caused by the illness of alcoholism , addiction to controlled substances , the use of cannabis , and the abuse and misuse of alcohol and other drugs are matters of grave concern to the people of the State of Illinois (2003 . The government of Illinois invests on their person that is why they have the great effort to provide the...

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