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Professional athletes and celebrities as role models


Celebrity Role Models





Celebrity Role Models

Movie stars , TV sensations , rock `n roll gods , professional athletes and the famous for no reason - these are celebrities that amaze people and leave them in open-mouthed wonderment . Celebrities have become omnipresent - they are smiling and pouting on the pages of magazines crying love-disillusioned tears on the silver screen , rocking out on music videos , and scoring the play of the day . They are seen and heard everywhere . They are so overexposed that

there is no escaping them , not that people would ever want to escape them . Conversely , people enjoy every bit of exposure celebrities give . People are very engrossed in the lives of celebrities because they seem to have the time of their lives They seem to lead perfect lives with their interesting , high-paying jobs , the best clothes , one set of expensive shoes and bags for everyday , heartthrob other half , and more money that could ever be spent in a lifetime . People want to be just like them

For many , celebrities are the ideal . For many young people , their favorite Gossip Girl actress and superstar football player are their aspirations for their futures . They are their role models . However despite the media overexposure , celebrities for many young people are distant dreams . The closest they can get to their celebrity idols is by imitating and copying them . This could start from the seemingly mundane such as following their fashion choices , trying to go to where these...

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