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Professional Workplace Dilemma

Professional Workplace Dilemma


I . of the Experience

1 ) What was the ethical issue experienced

I work part-time in the hospital as a science research analyst . Part of my tasks and functions is to roam around the hospital premises to collect and check research s required by consultants from all the medical residents undergoing residency training . The aforementioned was what I have been doing when I was at the NICU Department of the hospital . I was speaking to one of the medical residents named , A .C with regards to her

Gavage Feeding ' retrospective when all of a sudden the baby slipped from the nurses ' hands , named B .D . while being transferred to another nurse , named , E .G . Nobody else saw what actually happened except B .D , E .G , and me . The medical resident who I was speaking to did not see anything since she was busy speaking to me and she had her back at them

2 ) Who was involved

The people involved include the following : 1 ) A .C , the medical resident 2 ) B .D , the nurse 3 ) E .G , another nurse 4 ) F .H , Head of the Medical Training Department 5 ) G .I , the Chief of Hospital and 6 I

3 ) What was the relationship of the other individual (s ) to you

I am not related to any one of them except that the Head of the Medical Training Department is my direct superior and the Chief of Hospital is our boss

II . Analysis of the Ethical Dilemma

1 ) Was there a difference in power and authority ? Explain

Basically , authority is better than power . Here 's why : Power is technically defined as the capacity to change the result of events (Bowen , 2003 . Power may be utilized in a right manner and it may also be implemented in the wrong manner (Bowen , 2003 . Also , power may also be related to sheer force and coercion (Bowen , 2003 . On the other hand , authority is defined as rightful power ' or a kind of power which is right or tends to result only in good things (Bowen , 2003

2 ) What were the ethics in question

I , as a witness , am torn between reporting it (because the two nurses may lose their jobs or worse they may even revoke their licenses and permanently jeopardize their careers ) and keeping my mouth shut (even it means injustice for the baby , his family , and his loved ones since his fall may cause severe damage on him

3 ) What personal values were in conflict

The personal values in conflict are : honesty and my freedom to do what I believe is right integrity if I choose to reveal the truth versus independence from keeping it if I am not going to tell the authorities

4 ) What were the potential outcomes

If my morals will prevail and I will have enough courage to stand up for it , I will tell the authorities what happened exactly

5 ) What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved


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