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Process Anaylisis Essay:How to change the oil on your car.

One must reinstall the plug by starting to thread any bolt or screw by hand to avoid cross threading . The mechanic must tighten this with a wrench or socket

Change the filter . It is necessary to change the oil filter whenever you change the oil . To find the oil filter , one must look on the side of the engine and put the oil pan underneath the filter to catch any remaining oil . An adjustable oil filter wrench may be used to unscrew the old oil filter . Using a rag one must wipe the

area where the filter mounts to the engine and make sure that the rubber seal of the old filter is not stuck to the engine . The mechanic should use some new oil to lightly coat the rubber seal of the new filter before screwing the new filter into place by hand . It 's usually not necessary to tighten the oil filter with the oil filter wrench , but it would be wise to have it ready if one 's grip is not strong (or large ) enough

Install new oil . To start putting new oil , one must locate the oil filler cap on top of the engine and remove it . All one has to do is place a funnel in the opening and pour in the new oil . A car usually consumes about four to five quarts of oil but it would be advisable to consult its manual for the correct oil capacity . The next thing the mechanic has to do is replace the cap once the oil is refilled

Check the quantity of oil . To make sure that the necessary amount of oil has been added , one must run the engine for about a minute before checking the dipstick . Should it be necessary , the mechanic must not hesitate...

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