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Problem Facing your community

One big problem facing our community is the lack of vocational education programs offered at local high schools . Vocational education (more formally Vocational Education and Training ) train students for jobs that are based in actual or hands-on activities , usually non- HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Academics " \o "Academics academic , and utterly associated to a particular skill , HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Employment " \o "Employment " job or HYPERLINK "http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Vocation " \o "Vocation vocation , in which the student partakes (Brodhead , 1991 ,

. 23 . The main problem is that no

institution answers the needs of those who want to pursue a career but cannot meet the expense of a bachelor degree , and those who want to receive training for specific skills development , seek services that answer their needs

People from different age groups and social classes may seek vocational education services , but this focuses on young people , which we will define as aged 13 to 25 years old , who belong to the lower class and the lower-middle ' class . Moreover , for situational mental picture purposes , the community these young people live in is a typical urban or sub-urban area , which we assume does not significantly differ from one country to another

The mere fact that local high schools lack vocational education programs is not the problem itself . So what if an undergraduate does not have a vocational school to go to ? He /she could find a job without it anyway . The problem actually lies within the effects and consequences of not being able to address this need . Several series of adverse occurrences may be thought of . To name a few , let 's first take a young male . He got dropped out of high school , and decided to work without finishing his studies . He would have wanted to acquire technical skills for a prospected job , but his high school - and others nearby - does not offer vocational educational programs . So he goes on to apply to the company . It is customary for a company to accept only applicants with the education or the skill having neither of these , he was rejected Now , without a work and no means to earn a living , he might resort to burglary , which could be accompanied by murder , and other crimes done for money . Also , without an occupation , he could turn to alcoholic beverage abuse or drug addiction . We could also take the situation of a jobless young female who have undergone the same unanswered need and rejection . She could easily turn to prostitution , acquiring and communicating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs . She could also turn to drug trafficking and other illegal trades

The scope of this problem is immense . Individuals are affected physically , intellectually , and emotionally . Without means of earning a living , several family members , especially the infants , children and the olds , would be prone to malnutrition or , worse , malnourishment Intellectual implications are plain . Without an institution to train them , students do not have a reliable portal of knowledge , and the flow of information...

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