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Pro Hunting

Running Head : PRO HUNTING

Pro Hunting





Date The calls to ban the practice of hunting if enacted will sound a death knell to a sport that since the 16th century has become an integral part of our culture . It is a culture that has over time elicited interest in thousand of participants all over Britain . I believe this practice should be upheld not just for its cultural values but also for its economic and sporting importance

Taking a look at the history of

foxhunting I become more convinced that this event should be upheld due to the satisfaction that it has been according to the participants . The history of fox hunting dates back to the 16th century , originally as a form of pest control and was carried out by English farmers . This was done by the farmers to protect their livestock , as foxes had become a real threat to their goats and chickens

In some places in England , fox hunting remains largely a form of pest control . Should this practice be allowed I would not fathom how the opponents of fox hunting expect these farmers to safeguard their source of livelihood . I would not want to see the efforts of these farmers go into waste to satisfy the whims of some few animal rights crusaders These foxes pose a threat not only to the humans but also to domesticated animals that are more productive and have received months of tending and feeding . I don 't see any other way that these foxes can be eliminated and the threat they pose to humans be reduced significantly . A look at their eating habits leaves me with a lot of disdain for foxes . Foxes can kill a whole pack of chickens while in the real sense it has an appetite of only one . This leads to wastage and should not be condoned hunting them down remains the most effective way of reducing these incidences ( Dagmar Orendi , February 2004

I support fox hunting in the belief that in the long run it plays a great role in ecological balancing . A cross analysis of the foxes in their natural habitats indicate that they have no real predators in the wilderness . Their population if unchecked can rapidly increase to an unmanageable level . Man is their only real threat and is the only entity that ensures that only the best survives . I agree with the argument that has been passed on over time that fox hunting apart form controlling the population ensures the culling of the least desirable ones . In hunting only the weak succumb to the human 's fury . The strong and the fast get to survive and see another down . Hence the hunting and killing of foxes should not be demonized or be viewed as an activity that seeks to fulfill the human 's sadistic tendencies . I am convinced that this activity plays a great role in the ecology more than we can fathom . In the wilderness it is survival for...

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