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Principles of Observational Learning

Running Head : Principles of Observational Learning In An Art Activity

Applying Principles of Observational Learning in an Art Activity

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Observational learning is the type of learning that happens through the process of observation , retention and in the case of imitation learning replication of behavior exhibited by others . Learning is done through copying or modeling the action of another through the observation of the said action . Psychologist Albert Bandura , the forerunner of the social learning

theory , initiated seminal studies in this area (Westen , Burton Kowalski , 2006

The four key process of observational learning are as follows (1 Attention- to learn through observation , one must take note of another person 's action and their consequences (2 ) Retention- store in your memory what you have seen or observed (3 ) Reproduction- being able to reproduce what you have witnessed or retained into your own behavior and (4 ) Motivation- having the will to reproduce an observed response

Looking into the four key elements gives an understanding on what observational learning is . It is a lot different to mere imitation . The latter just connotes a person replicating another person 's behavior without any rhyme or reason . While in observational learning , one acts a certain way because they fully understand the benefits and consequences of doing so and are motivated by the want to acquire benefits or to avoid facing the consequences

Such is applicable in ensuring that...

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