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The Two Princes of Calabar

p Randy J . Sparks wrote from scratches of evidence such as mails the story of the nomadic wanderings of Ephraim Robin John and Ancona Robin John , two men of Calabar a town in the west coast of Africa , who were abducted to become slaves and eventually turned out to be the toughest slave drivers themselves thus they were called Princes of Calabar (2004 . The story brings into light evidences of a once booming slave trade along the Atlantic Ocean which resulted to the vast transport of Africans into fast developing Western countries . It

sorts of bridged a long overdue gap on the story of how Africans as slaves got into the picture of the Western civilization

The author Sparks trusted on the validity of the letters though it was written by a young boy because of his religious affiliation which is that of the Methodist Christian . Thus he conveyed the story according to his own assessment inclusive of course is the interest to make his book one popular masterpiece , a best seller for empirical stories Because if you study it deeper you would realize that the story revolves around the lives only of two Africans which is definitely not an acceptable representative group or number in statistical considerations as reliabilities can only be had with a bit more samples than two , also some inconsistencies lies on the fact that the boy knows how to speak and write English which could be speculated that the boys may really have had formal education or that some English colonizers may have initially oriented the boys into how they were , considering it was already the 18th century and vast number of colonizers have circumnavigated the world for various motives or reasons . On the other hand the author 's point of view may also be liberal with his scholarly analysis of events to promote some good lessons that tragedy lies behind every bad activity despite few successes


Sparks , R .J (2004 . The Two Princes of Calabar : An Eighteenth-Century Odyssey . In

M . Childs (Review , Captors to Captives to Christians to Calabar (189 pp

Cambridge : Harvard University Press...

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