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Prince among slaves: The true story of an african Prince sold into slavery in the american south by Terry Alford


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Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori was sold as a slave and was deported to the United States in around 1788 . He was 26 year of age at the time . Sori was born as a prince in Timbo , a province of Guinea in West Africa . He spent a life of slavery for 40 years then in 1828 he was granted freedom by the President John Quincy Adams . It was in 1977 when Terry Alford , a professor of history , wrote a

well documented book on Sori and named it "Prince Among Slaves

This 320 page book was published by Oxford University Press , USA and presents a biography of Sori in its entirety based on historical documentations and accounts of first person views . This book could be enumerated as a novel that is well paced and emotional and it is an exciting saga all though . As far as documentation is concerned it could be stated that the basic study is simply exceptional that provides insight into the perception of the Afro-American community . Furthermore this book also presents an introduction that deals with the real individuals of the period of slavery specifically the perspective of the Africans

The author also presents the entire narration in a very straight forward manner and like a true documentary this text goes down into business right from the very first line of the book where he enumerates the basic content of the book in single flat line stating that This tale of an American slave called "Prince " is an extraordinary story of an intelligent and courageous human being who , born a prince , lived his life a slave an died in freedom (Alford , 1 ) This approach is very honest and it could be mentioned that this approach presents the basic summary of the book and the readers are in no darkness regarding the basic contents as the author conveys the entirety of the book in a nut shell but in a very truthful manner

In accordance to the back cover text of the book "Prince Among Slaves the author "vividly re-creates a life as dramatic as a work of fiction .events .almost defy belief (Alford , back cover ) This is certainly true once a reader goes through the text and finds a world of toil and faith under condition that is most often detrimental to human soul under normal circumstances . But slavery is not a normal scenario and it requires a special person to survive with dignity under such situations

Abdulrahman Sori was such a man who despite all the difficult situations always remained true to his faith and maintained his dignity . He was enslaved at 26 and after 40 years and despite being a royal Fulani prince he was forced to lead a disgraceful life of slave but he was strong enough from within to remain faithful to the faith of Islam . In a way it could be mentioned that this faith and his sense of self-respect that...

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