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Paper Topic:


p Help from the Skies : A New Tactic in

Afghanistan 's War on Drugs

Background on my role and participation

My role is to bring to the attention of these heads of state both the pros and cons of one proposed solution to the drug problem that currently plagues Afghanistan

My presentation is organized to provide the following information

A history of the Issue

Positive case studies for aerial eradication

Negative case studies for aerial eradication

A plan for US involvement

1 . A history of the issue


officials in the White House believe that aerial eradication of crops

used in the drug trade is the way to cut off funding for terrorists such as the Taliban , who use the funds from these crops to finance their operations using the herbicide glyphosate . The Afghan people are against the program fearing negative health effects

2 . Positive case studies for aerial eradication

There are several positive case studies to support aerial eradication as an essential component to kill the poppy crops in Guatemala , Southeast Asia and Pakistan

3 . Negative case studies for aerial eradication

One of the most negative case studies is very important . That effort occurred in Bolivia . The US decided to eradicate coca plant crops in Bolivia and used over 1 billion to support the effort . While the US-backed plan accomplished it 's immediate mission , it resulted in unexpected political consequences , such as

The people of Columbia particularly the cocoa farmers strongly objected to the

cocoa eradication efforts and complained of...

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