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Premarital sex

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14 June 2007

Premarital Sex

There is no social issue more difficult to address than premarital sex Even in the 21st century , after decades of convincing the world that truth can be subjective , modern man still could not get rid off that uneasy feeling when confronted with the accusation that he or she is engaging in sex outside the bounds of marriage . This feeling is arguably more intense with teenagers than with adults but nevertheless most would rather hide the truth than openly acknowledge

that they are practicing premarital sex

This will show the dangers of premarital sex . This can be done without having to resort to overly simplistic rhetoric . For instance when someone opposed to the idea of sex before marriage is interviewed about his opinion about premarital sex the common reply is that such behavior is unacceptable without being able to fully explain rationally why it is forbidden


Before going into details it is important to get an overview of this social problem . Those who practice premarital sex can be broadly categorized into three major groups . The first one is composed of couples who were already engaged and set to marry soon . The emotional depth of their relationship is evident and the kind of premarital sex practiced can be also called engagement sex (Luker ,

. 89

The second group is composed of adults who are not yet married , not engaged , no plans of marrying their current sexual partners , and yet engaging in sexual intercourse . Those belonging to this group can be strongly attracted to their sexual partner but there is no immediate desire to bring the relationship a notch higher by becoming engaged

The third one is the focus of this study . Those who belong to this group are teenagers , still below the legal age limit to do some of the more basic activities such as driving and consuming liquor and yet the same are already doing the more emotionally and mentally demanding activity which is sexual intercourse

Sexual Revolution

There is no arguing the fact that the values of today 's youth is very much different a century ago . It used to be that turn of the 20th century America is keen on following the footsteps of their Puritanical forefathers . Even though Victorian England is far away , values learned from the Motherland were brought to the New World

It was all great until the social revolution of the 60s and 70s when young men and women apparently rebelling against the war in Vietnam and other factors , banded together to express their desire to challenge norms and religious beliefs . Confusion , frustration and anger may have stemmed from the realization that the world was never better after two world wars and that rules and social standards are not actually helping create a better tomorrow

Then suddenly and openly the younger generation began to accept the idea that sexual intercourse is something that could be done prior to marriage . This idea may have...

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