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Predominance of Godesses in Minoan Religion

Minoans . There are several demonstrations of goddesses , which directs to the assumption that the Minoans were polytheistic . However there are also assertions that the many representations of female goddesses were nothing but just numerous manifestations of a single goddess

There are numerous goddesses which could be differentiated from one another in spite of the claims for a monotheistic religion . There is The Lady of the Beasts or what others call the Huntress , this particular deity is epitomized as one which conquers and is efficient in mastering beasts or animals . In a

later embodiment , Huntress became the Mountain Mother and was illustrated to be standing on a mountain and evidently defending the animals as well as the natural world . Snake Goddess , on the other hand is probably the most popular goddess of the Minoan religion . She has snakes interlinked on her body and since her sculptures are found only on houses or small shrines in palaces , there are suppositions that the Snake Goddess is some kind of a domestic deity . However , the household goddess also appears in the form of a tiny bird , this is assumed since there are several shrines which are leaning around a dove-like form . Majority of scholars thinks that major goddesses of Greek religion such as Hera , Artemis , and the like originated from Minoan goddesses (Marinatos , 1993

The world for the Cretans appears to be saturated with divinity , every object in the universe were all full of religious significance . This is evident on their worship of trees , pillars , and so on , the priesthood as it appears , is dominated by women , although there are minute proofs that palace kings also serves religious purposes (Marinatos , 1993

There are also proofs that the Minoans religion also holds belief on demons , which are constantly depicted as doing certain religious rites and...

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