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Paper Topic:

Practical Play Analysis





Theme /Vision

Guan Hanqing 's Snow in Midsummer centers on the idea of social injustice and human suffering particularly the unfair treatment of poor people during the Chinese Golden Era . The play must transcend a great sense of oppression as intended by its playwrights to reflect the dark side of the society they were in , as the main character (Dou E ) leaves a horrifying curse as her unjust death served as a living proof of how under-class people like her are taken for granted and

are short-lived despite living a virtuous life while the evil ones prevailed

This issue still continues in the modern world so it is important that the story lives up to its purpose of making the audience reflect on the existence of tyranny in the society and what should be done in to put an end to it . Every main character 's role should be well emphasized in to make the message of the story more understandable . The characters must be very much convincing to the extent that they are almost taking the audience back to Yuan Dynasty

An article made by Huo Jianyi , Yuan Dynasty Zaju , tells about how Guan Hanqing himself gave up his profession of being a doctor and chose to serve the public by writing plays that exposed the dark side of the society , particularly the indulgence in wine and women as a way of life especially for the Yuan rulers . He and his fellow playwrights used their talents and knowledge in exposing tyranny and through their theatrical creations , spoke on behalf of the suffering masses despite the Yuan rulers forbidding it . The success of this play will be achieved if the same fiery passion is justified by the characters

Stage Type and Settings

The play is artistic therefore it would be ideal to use a proscenium or picture frame stage . It is not necessary to use a traditional proscenium stage with its common features like a large archway near the stage front or a curtain in to close it during act or scene breaks . It is enough that the stage is raised several feet enough for the audience to see the view of the play while directly facing it ( Stage ' Wikipedia

As the Snow in Midsummer is a classic play based on a Han Dynasty folk tale (although popularized in the Yuan Dynasty , the prevailing theme should be based on the said period . The backdrop must contain both unique and artistic images depicting a usual old Chinese scenario like that of a painting . Images of courtyard houses should be used . These residences would represent the different social status that coexisted in that period

Based on Spiro Kostof 's A History of Architecture , traditional Chinese courtyard houses (such as the siheyuan ) is composed of several individual houses around a square , where each house is owned by a different member of the family . Aside from this , more houses can also be constructed for additional family members...

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