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The Power Of One-Reflection



The Power of One (movie directed by John G . Avildsen

Set in the 1950s , the movie is about PK , an English boy , and his strong desire to affect change , even in small actions , in the world . He was the only English boy in the African school where he studied . PK grew up a good man although he became an orphan in such a young age . I find PK 's character as very strong and determined since being an orphan and being different from the majority is not easy . Being in

an apartheid- environment filled with prejudice and still being filled with hope shows a lot of courage

Geel Piet 's (an inmate of who PK considered as second father ) wisdom did not remain as pure words and put to waste . As a matter of fact , it was very fortunate that PK actually became the actual Rainmaker that Geel Piet was talking about- someone who brings peace to any tribe he encounters . He is the realization of the myth . With PK 's experiences and lessons in life that he shared to people , he was able to touch lives in ways he he did not expect

A very romantic twist in the movie was when PK fell in love with Maria a rich Afrikaan schoolgirl . They both have loving nature that even though there was a point when they were scared what other people especially those close to them might think , their love for each other grew theless . Here are some lines of PK and Maria in the movie that showed how they tried their best to defy others to be with each other

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.K : If you had the opportunity to get to know me , would you take it

HYPERLINK /name /nm0557739 " Maria Marais : Yah , I would

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.K : Even if it meant going against your father 's s

HYPERLINK /name /nm0557739 " Maria Marais : What do you call this

The movie shows the audience that it is not impossible for any one regardless of race , language and color , to be a beautiful change in the world . All we need is to reflect on ourselves and think of the things that we can do for others . If what we want to do will not hurt us or anybody , then we shouldn 't be afraid and hesitate to do it . After all there is no greater happiness and fulfillment that seeing people around you pass on the love that you gave them

I think every person should be a rainmaker . I don 't care if a rainmaker is pure myth or not . My point is , we better make it a reality . It won 't hurt to try . Let us all give away love and spread words of peace Imagine a world where all are rainmakers . Isn 't such a great world to live in ? A world where discrimination doesn 't exist , a hopeful world without greed , poverty and anger

One memorable quote from the movie...

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