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Power of Language

The Splurge of Language : Constructive or Destructive

There has been a great deal of change that is happening in our realm nowadays , which makes everything in this world very transitional and fast paced . There are many varieties of people that were spread all over the world that tends to contribute to different facets of life Conversing is the people 's powerful contrivance to facilitate their connection as they contribute to globalization and alteration . The power of language is a top priority when we bring into account the very essence of dealing with

people and coping for change . It was believed that through the supremacy of such , one can explore the world confidently . The proper utilization of words can bring into play the possibility of careers and even great opportunities ahead . On another note , we can clearly grasp how strong the usage of one language is , for a fact that it can even be used as a weapon during the time of skirmishes and competition this can only prove how powerful the language is and how versatile it can be depending on a person 's use of it

Is the manipulation of language a problem ? This has been a very tough question since the people began speaking . Perhaps , we can say that the usage of such is not an ordeal depending on the person 's usage . We can never deny the fact how different cultures somehow can get derailed which brings tensions and war . Take into consideration this case in point In World War I , the British gave the Germans the nickname Jerries from the first syllable of German . In World War II , Americans referred to the Japanese as Japs . The names may refer to real or imagined cultural and physical differences that emphasize the ridiculous or the repugnant (Lakoff , 378 . Considering the powerful verity of language , someone can use such a strong weapon in battling in the game of competition . It is believed that the use of language can even deprive the pride of the opponent . Bullets and bombs are not the only tools of war words too , play their part (Lakoff . The functionality of language in upholding the scenario of everyday living has been put into account as well , The specific words change from culture to culture and war to war . The names need not be obviously demeaning . Just the fact that we can name them gives us a sense of superiority and control (Lakoff , 378 . The people can open their eyes and witness the realities of life as they became conscious of their surroundings they make use of their senses and listen to the clamor of exchanging words

In actuality , the power of language and the proper use of words simply connote a very intense feeling . An ordinary choice of language can surprisingly leave a huge mark in one 's heart , Words can inform our mind , caress and comfort our feelings , excite and thrill our spirit , or warm and kindle the flame of our hearts . They can also...

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