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How Poverty, Lack of Education and Social Status Increases the Likelihood of Crime

How Poverty Increases the Likelihood of Crime


Crime and poverty have been associated with one another all through out history . Factors inherent with poverty , like homelessness , lack of income and economic instability and inequality , exposes a person greatly to a tendency to commit crime . Correlation between poverty and crime has long since been establish , with a few minimal disputed issues on the matter

It would be helpful however to classify which type of crime a poor individual is most likely to commit . Through this study , types of crimes can

be classified along with the factors driving an individual to commit them . Benefits can be gained with better understanding of the relationship between crime and poverty


Crime has always been present in any society . It is believed that one of the driving forces that stimulate crime is the prevalence of poverty Lack of access to resources and financial stability increase the likelihood of crime rate increase

Several studies have been conducted with the conclusive outcome blaming poverty as one of the major factors in high crime rate in certain areas Locations with a high poverty rate along with its adjacent districts are reported to have a higher crime rate than those of other regions with lower poverty level ADDIN EN .CITE PolesovskyJeff PolesovskyHigh crime rate , poverty linked200720 October2004The Lanternhttp /media .www .thelantern com /media /storage /333 /news /2004 /02 /13 /Campus /High-Crime .Rate .Povert y .Linked-607157 .shtml (Polesovsky , 2004

Sociologists have looked into the relationship of crime and poverty since both have been a constant societal disruption throughout history The link of crime to social inequality was derived due to prevalence of both encompassing different types of civilization and societies during different time eras . It is believed that crime and deviance from behavior set by social norms were not inherent to man but instead forced upon him due to factors caused by poverty and unequal social stratification ADDIN EN .CITE O apos ConnorTom O apos ConnorPOVERTY INEQUALITY , AND CRIME200720 October20062 February NORTH CAROLINA WESLEYAN COLLEGEhttp /faculty .ncwc .edu /TOCO NNOR /301 /301lect07 .htm (O 'Connor , 2006

Persistent poverty has already been acknowledged as one of the factors affecting high rate of crime . Strategies being developed to address crime also include addressing poverty level alleviation and policies on social stratification ADDIN EN .CITE CurrieElliott CurrieMissing pieces Notes on crime , poverty , and social policyCritical CriminologyCritical Criminology37-52Volume 7March 199621 October 7 http /www .springerlink .com /content /l72u tq366j128615 ?p 4b3f0ffdb8d14617bb2c519c6f06745b pi 0 (Currie , 1996 Problem Statement

Although majority of studies conducted on the determination of factors that affects crime rates , data garnered have always points to poverty as one of the factors highly affecting crime rate . This study aims to corroborate results determined in other research specifically poverty as a casual factor in crime

Studies have been conducted stipulating that one of the determinants of homicide and robbery were due to inequality in wages ADDIN EN .CITE FajnzylberFajnzylber br

.D . LedermanN LoayzaWhat causes violent crime ?200721 October 199813 SeptemberPovertyNethttp /www1 .worldbank .org...

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