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Poverty and Delinquency


Poverty and Delinquency

I believe that poverty became an important variable in explaining juvenile delinquency for several reasons . The rules of the social class in the early 1900 's were much like the caste system of India and one did not rise above the station in life into which they were born . Many poverty stricken people turned to various types of crimes in to survive . This caused the middle and upper class people to generalize that being raised in poverty would invariably lead to a life

of crime . Most believed . the class of criminals spring chiefly from the most abject , ignorant , improvident , and poverty-stricken of the population .showing that poverty is the parent of crime and that misery is allied to guilt (Sanders , 1970 br


Many of the poor themselves believe there is no way out of the life they were born into and the class system to which they belong Society has certain expectations based on income , education and lineage Many juveniles below poverty level may turn to crime due to anger at the lack of opportunity offered to them . Some follow the example set by others before them ones who think crime is the way to the easy life

Times are changing but very slowly . Many programs or facilities set up to help impoverished juveniles improve their future wind up failing due to lack of funds or charges of abuse and neglect . Many studies including "Privatization Spectrum " showed how companies could profit as children cycled "from the schoolhouse to the jailhouse " passing through one publicly funded , privately run facility after another Arrows marked the flow of kids to companies offering programs in special education (a 32 billion market , child welfare 12- 15 billion , and juvenile justice 3 .5 billion . No arrows indicated how these children might one day exit the system and lead ordinary lives . HYPERLINK "http /www .questia .com /PM .qst ?a o d (Press , and Washburn


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