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Poverty in Africa/Libya

Intermittent warfare , disease , and poverty currently plague much of Africa . It is a paradox that the continent that provides resources for the rest of the world is the place with the poorest people in the world Africa , far from being prosperous , is the world 's poorest continent . As the British Premier Tony Blair has recently explicitly expressed "Half the population of sub-Saharan Africa lives in absolute poverty . And uniquely , whereas the economy is improving in other areas of the world Africa is getting poorer . The average income per head is lower now than

br it was 30 years ago (Blair , 2005

The issue of poverty is closely linked with general underdevelopment Poverty remains the single greatest cause of misery and the surest remedy for poverty is economic growth . The reasons why poor Africa is becoming even poorer can be narrowed down to the following basic ones

- Historical reasons : slavery and colonialism hampered the progress in education and development of basic infrastructure . Then , after the independence of the African states , the continent got involved into the Cold War intrigues

- Most of the poor countries are far from the economic centers and coastal ports , and they don 't have an adequate infrastructure for inexpensive transport of goods . Sachs in his article Ending Africa 's Poverty Trap explains this such that there are several reasons why Africans tend to live away from the coast : the soils are often better and rainfall is more plentiful in the interior highland regions the burden of malaria is intrinsically lower there and centuries of slave trade made it dangerous for Africans to live near the coast (2004

- Endemic diseases like malaria are constantly affecting health Jeffrey D . Sachs claims that Africa 's health conditions are by far the worst on the planet . The AIDS pandemic is wreaking havoc , as is the resurgence of malaria due to rising drug resistance and the lack of effective public health systems (2004

- A high disposition toward natural catastrophes

Jeffrey D . Sachs defines also one more reason which is a governance crisis . He adheres to the view that if to take into account widespread war and violence in some African countries like Angola , the Democratic Republic of the Congo , Liberia , Sierra Leone , and Sudan governance crisis is understandable , however , it cannot be referred to as the sole cause of poverty . Libya 's case is a good example where the inefficient government makes the economic situation , which is due to historical geographical and other factors difficult , even more complicated

Libya achieved independence on December 24 , 1951 , in the middle of the Cold War . The long colonial experience and ensuing World War II heavily affected all forms of agricultural and industrial production in the country . Colonialism was particularly severe in the case of Libya . Italy had succeeded in isolating the indigenous Arab population , depriving it of its traditional means of existence . The colonial policy of pushing Libyans off their land threatened the livelihood of the Libyan farmers Local nonagricultural production also...

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