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Post modern Dance vs Next Wave Modern Dance Twyla Tharp







Born in Portland , Indiana in 1941 , Twyla Tharp moved with her parents to southern California , two years later when she was still a young child In California her family owned and operated a movie theater in the city of Rialto , where she also attended school in a nearby town of San Bernardino . Tharp 's mother was a pianist and a piano teacher as well while still two years old , her mother began to teach her piano lessons and at the age of

four Tharp had already started dancing and studied the different kinds of dances available ranging from ballet , tap , jazz to modern classics (www .twylatharp .org

While in college she enrolled to study art and history , but because of her passion in dancing , she quit and joined America Ballet School in New York , while in the School she was able to study with many great masters of modern dance , like Martha Graham . She graduated from the school and immediately joined the Paal Dance Company , after a short while she left to form her own dance group Twyla Tharp Dance in 1965 , which is very famous today . She has made tremendous steps in the modern dance Twyla Tharp she has choreographed more than a hundred and thirty five dances five Hollywood movies , she has directed and choreographed three Broadway shows , written two books , receive one Tony awards , nineteen honorary doctorates , she has worn the Vietnam Veterans of America president 's award , the 2004 National medal of the Arts plus other grants like the John D . and Catherine T .Macarthur Fellowship . She is also a member of American Academy of Arts and Letters . Apart from her own , she has also choreographed other companies like the American Ballet Theater , and The Martha Graham Dance Company among others . Although her dance company was founded in 1965 , her first work came on stage at Broadway in 1980 it was followed one year later by her collaboration with David Byne on The Catherine Wheel at the Winter Garden (Arvon , 1973

The next wave of modern dance : In her new dimension in new wave , Tywla Tharp has collaborated and performed with other major Ballet companies while in the collaboration , Jeffrey ballet has premiered her `Deuce Coupe ' which was set to music dance by the Beach Boys in the piece `As Times Goes By ' and `She is Leg ' while in the American Ballet Theater during the exercise Mikhail Baryshnikov danced the lead role in her piece `Push Comes To Shove ' which juxtaposed variations by Mozart with rags , apiece performed by Scott Joplin . And in 1973 , her choreographs held a groundbreaking dance piece by the name `Deuce Coupe ' for the Jeffrey Ballet using Beach Boys songs combined with her own company of modern dancers with Jeffrey on stage . Her premiire in the Martha Graham Dance Company 's recent `rich reason ' offered a shrewd look at the relationship of mother and her daughter as regards to herself . Her dance piece `Demeter and Persephone...

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