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Positive and Negative Learning Experiences

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Title : Positive and Negative Learning Experience


The leaning process for human beings is a complex one and it is influenced by a number of factors . Factors , which are more likely to influence the process of learning , also depend on the prevailing situation as well as the learning ability of the learner , the effectiveness of the teacher and interest in the learning on the part of the student . The relationship of the teacher and that of the student also

may have a bearing on the learning process . The relationships between teacher and student are important in that they influence the kind of learning environment either in the classroom or any other setting

Whichever way a learning process takes place , the input from the teacher , peers , parents , media and the society largely influence how the student interacts with the content matter . The output of a learning process therefore is determined by the input into the learning process as well as the learning environment . Output is measured in a number of ways . The output could either be observable or internal such that unless one is presented with tasks to resolve , it becomes hard to determine the effectiveness of the learning process (Slavin 1995 .12-78

Surname 2

Learning to speak English when I came to the US is one of the most notable learning experiences in my lifetime . Aged only 10 years and new in the US , I was faced with learning difficulties given the fact that at the lower grades in US English was the media of communication and teaching . With no English language proficiency , learning was a hard thing for me

As a child , I really required to communicate with my peers as it is the norm with little children . This motivated me to desire to learn English . Input in the learning process included my teacher who was very effective . The teacher identified that my English proficiency level was low in a class where more than three quarters of the learners were English native speakers . What I found pleasant with learning English is the fact that , the teacher gave out learning activities very often and that really helped me quicken in my English mastery . The teacher also used research-based strategies such as visual aids , music and pre-instruction activities all of which I found enjoyable and above all confidence building . By incorporating research-based strategies learning English for me became fun , the fear of making mistakes I had when I first enrolled in the class soon diminished and within my first year , I was able to score above average in English as a subject

Besides the cooperation I received from my teacher in the classroom as well as a positive class environment , my family was very important in the course of learning English . As a rule , my parents insisted everyone was to speak English in the house . This gave me a forum for interacting with my parents , whose English speaking proficiency was high . This was encouraging...

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