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Portrayal of the Gods

Running Head : Portrayal of the Gods

Portrayal of the Gods


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Gilgamesh was an historical king of Uruk in Babylonia , on the River Euphrates in modern Iraq . It revolves around the relationship between Gilgamesh , who has become distracted and disheartened by his rule , and a friend , Enkidu , who is half-wild and who undertakes dangerous quests with him

In the epic of Gilgamesh and in the lives of the Mesopotamian the gods where portrayed as self-serving arrogant beings . These beings created the

human race as slaves for the gods and so a human in the view of an early Mesopotamian had better do what the gods said if they wanted to live a happy life . We see gods that that do not really care about the lives of the Mesopotamian . The Mesopotamian could not depend on the safety of a strong government . The lack of a strong government was caused by many different factors and one of the main factors that brought about a weak government in the land of the Mesopotamia , was the lack of a reliable food source . The unreliable food source was due to the lack of a reliable source of farmland . Moreover , this lack of farmland was due mostly to the ever-changing rivers that surrounded the early civilizations that believed in these harsh gods . These peoples could not depend on a predictable flood pattern from the Tigris or the Euphrates . This fact above all , is the reason that the view of mean...

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