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Paper Topic:

Porters five forces Model and The Balanced Scored Card



This chapter deals with the background of the study and theories . It contains a statement of the problem , purpose of the study , research questions and research hypothesi . The contribution of this research , its limitations , definition of terms and overall overview of the entire dissertation is represented

Porters five forces and balanced score card are the best strategies that available for companies to have competitive advantage over others Globalization represents new challenges to businesses therefore the use of Porters five forces

and balanced scorecard . The challenges associated with collaboration and globalization of businesses is unique since they are moving from one country to another

1 .1 Statement of the problem

A company will be out performing its rivals in the market and their strategic position is well stabilized if proper strategies are adapted The debts levels of the company are always kept low if they want to be successful in the market

The key reasons for successes of companies are that they focus on their weaknesses and strengths , threats and opportunities they also try to minimize them . However threats related to economy and competition always remains major factor to most companies . A company should continue to offer products and services to consumers at competitive prices and also capturing new customers to gain market share

Companies should have strong brand products which reduces the barriers of entry and helps them to enter foreign markets in all continents , to achieve organization 's international strategic objectives however it has been very difficult to operate at first because product should be launched in all languages in to gain them market share . However the level of competition will be high because the international market has many competitors . There should be diversifying in range of its products to meet the users ' needs across the world using the following key success factors

Objectives of This Study

To identify the strategies that are implemented by companies and how they are developed

Assess the relative merits of porter 's theory and balanced scorecard in organizing companies ?Develop a Marketing strategy that is most advantageous form companies

Significance /Importance of the Study

My research study will be of great value to future researchers management of companies , investors , educators and others because To highlight the important role that market growth strategies play on the company market share It highlights how growth strategies are made and how these strategies affect the company market share It helps the management in strategic decision-making

Research Questions

Which strategic market types implemented by companies and how they have developed them ?what are the advantages of each form of growth strategies

What can you say about the past and present market situation of the companies who have adapted these strategies in term of market growth and market share

Limitation of the Study

This research project is on a session of the entire theories . In carrying out this project , certain constraints will inhibit effective study

1 . Time factor...

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