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Paper Topic:

Should Pornography on the Internet Be Regulated?

p Ravi Patel

Instructor : Marilynn Turner

English Composition 101

May 4th , 2008 Should Pornography on the Internet Be Regulated


We cannot roll around in the mud without getting dirty . The same is true when we make it a

habit to expose ourselves in filthy things more often that we get degraded . The evils of pornography

on the Internet alarmed the people who are members of religious groups social welfare and

development personnel as well as parents who are so much concerned with the future of their

p children . This is because they knew that pornography is not good for the human race . Thus , as main

argument of this , it is humbly and respectfully submitted that pornography is a reflection of

immorality and it is an assault on our humanity generally

A question may be asked , how can any man indulge himself in the dirt of pornography

profanity , or vulgarity and consider himself ever say that he is morally

upright when he exposes himself to pornography in the Internet . This fact can be reflected in an

article written by Hudson where she basically stated that feminists were aware on the fact that all

sexuality as an expression of male violence or every form of it is inherently a circumstance of

domination and control of the female by the male (Hudson 72 . Any man who uses the Internet to

search for pornographic materials that can be utilized to degrade women is not sane and is

emotionally immature . Therefore , pornography on the Internet must be regulated completely . It may

be difficult to abolish the same all at once , an effort to regulate internet pornograhy will suffice

But before anything else , we should know that this is very relevant especially in the

present time . Many people are afraid of the spread of the evil called pornography in the Internet

The is chosen here because it touches some issues that makes up our society . The strength of

our society is founded on the morality of the people . It has something to do with the strength of

each family that comprises it . The society is a reflection of the good or wrongful deeds of the

people . Meaning , if the people are mostly immoral , the society will also dwindle in filthiness and

chaos . Eventually humanity will be degraded to the highest extent . Rape and sexual violence will

most likely be considered as a normal thing to happen . On the other hand , if the people are mostly moral , there will be less problem that will occur

I have so many questions about the though . I was thinking on why the government

allowed pornography to appear in the Internet . Humanity itself is what makes up the government

and every means of preserving it , is vital . I want to know why there are so many young people

who are lured into this evil deeds through pornographic materials . How did their parents magnified

their roles to care , rear , protect and love their children at all times Maybe , parents...

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