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Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor Oral Hygiene


Prevention is better than cure . Good oral hygiene practices will keep away dental problems . This will in effect save you from toothaches and expensive dental treatment . The most interesting bit is that it is achievable by dedication of just a few minutes a day to oral hygiene care . Numerous oral hygiene products in addition to the usual toothpaste and brush can be found in the market to assist in this mission

Unfortunately , most people only remember oral hygiene when a problem has occurred . Research has revealed that

although patient activation shows instant improvement in dental hygiene practices , just a small portion maintains these standards six months down the line . People need to take up good oral hygiene practices as a lifelong daily practice

Awareness concerning the importance of dental hygiene has greatly increased in many countries especially the developed ones . However modern nutrition and lifestyles have posed a great risk for dental health . In addition to healthy teeth making one feel good , they also enable one to speak properly . Good dental health is vital for everyone 's general well-being

It is very vital to learn to keep good oral hygiene from early childhood . Parents have a role to educate children how to use oral hygiene products properly . Any good dental hygiene must be a joint effort that also involves the dentist even though different people have differing needs (Curtis , 2007

One must seek the dentist 's advice on how to maintain good dental hygiene . The dentist...

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