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Politics of Consumption








In simple terms , consumption refers to the absorption of goods or services by into the market by consumers . The fact that consumption is a heavily economic activity that involves a chain of transactions among the consumer , the retailer and the manufacturer , and that the manufacturer is driven by the need for the realization of increment in capital acquisition , deeply requires that the government comes in to regulate the process . The involvement of the government is

normally underpinned by the need to protect the consumers , the environment , other enterprises and the need for the government to earn revenue . This state of affair makes consumerism and matters related to it a very political affair

Consumerism and the Third World

According to Gurney (2006 , one of the issues that make consumerism in the Developing countries a political affair is that it is always seen as a driving factor that seals poverty in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs . In this state of affair , a perfect case that replicates this indictment is when developed countries such as Britain buy coffee and cocoa berries from the LDCs like Tanzania and Kenya , at very fair prices

However , because the two countries are not technologically endowed to manufacture their own cocoa and coffee , the developed countries stock in their shops , first class cocoa and tea , while the poor quality blend is sold back to Kenya , Tanzania , Liberia among other countries at exorbitant prices . The labeling of the...

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