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Political Parties


Political Parties




Political Parties

In a representative democracy , political parties play a significant role . They form the bases of political organization around which people can elect their representatives . A representative democracy is form of government that is usually founded on principle of having elected individuals represent their people . This means that a representative form of democracy cannot exist without having a mechanism for representation . This mechanism is borne out of having a independent ruling body that holds office for a

defined election period to preside over political parties representatives in democratic elections (Sisk Korykov , 2005 . Therefore , political parties are foundation of a representative democracy . Political parties provide organizations around which individuals can show their leadership characteristics and seek mandate of their electorates to represent them . Political parties are important intermediaries between the state and the society that articulate public views and preferences . Political parties acts as organizations around which policy formulation starts and are vetted by citizens through their voting rights . In a representative form of democracy , the main role of political parties should be reviewing of the current policies and coming up with policies that will better the life of their electorates . This is the main reason why competition on political arena has been based on policy formulation and those seeking election under their specific political parties are likely to spend a lot of their time explaining to their electorates how their specific policies will change their life for the better . Political...

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