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Political and Legal Environment


There are legal and political regulatory environments within which all business operate . The legal and political environment of a business has a very great weight on the success and prosperity of a business Business that observe the correct set laws as well as ethics and also whose experience positive political influence experience a very fast growth (Baumhart , 1968 .This is due to the fact that a conducive working environment is created in the work place whereby the workers perform their work in a highly appreciable way , adopting high levels of

motivation and leading to high output

The legal business environment in the USA is very well established considering the fact that it is the largest and had the strongest powerful economy which is technological in nature . US business has largely adopted e- business as well as very high level of information and communication technology . This is as opposed to their counterparts in Europe whereby the technology is still on their way up . This e-business and expanded ICT have enabled business in USA to grow and establish very fast since they can adopt new and effective marketing means or ways whereby their products as well as services can reach far and wide

In addition , the legal environment for business in the USA has been very favourable and as opposed to business in Europe , there has been a wide adoption of technology in US business . This has led to so many innovations and therefore new products are manufactured and sold in US markets . This has led to quick expansion of US Business , something that has led to a very powerful economy

In terms of ethics , all the business operates under the governing business laws both in USA and in Europe . There is high respect for human rights and business crimes in both states are very limited . In addition good moral values among the workers are experienced and interpersonal relationships are very high encouraged . These have contributed to increased motivation since friendly relationships and team spirits for work are encouraged , consequently , performance among the workers goes up , and as well as production is improved

However as compared to Europe , there is evidence that through the wide spread and stable human rights bodies in the US there more protection of the consumer , self regulation , liability as well as fairness . This has increased confidence in the buyer leading to improved purchasing power something that sees the more success of business in the USA

Employment discrimination is very less practiced in the USA than in Europe . Job opportunities in the USA are secured even by foreigners This has led to acquirement of new ideas and new approaches in the business . This allows business in the USA to stand better chances of fast growth since there is diverse and different useful strategies provided by different people for example managers with different ethnic background and job experiences . Job discrimination issue in Europe has led to very low growth and expansion of business , something which has contributed to...

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