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Paper Topic:

Political Cartoon

Saud Alayobiy Course

Professor May 5 , 2009

Political Cartoon

Looking at the cartoon chosen , there are several insights that can be deciphered and actively linked to the study of behavioral geography . The reactions of the people involved in the picture outlines the varied and subjective responses of individuals over certain issues happening in the global village . As these variations in perceptions begin to take its effect , they greatly provide insight on how each one constructs the realities that is happening on the being discussed

On one point , we see the

kid in the picture reacting to the situation pointed out by the other two . Under the framework of behavioral geography , this seems to manifest the ability of an individual to determine and develop an attitude based on the environment (GFDL , 2009 In comprehending the child 's behavior , he seems to associate and react to the in a materialistic manner . He sees that the current issue and image of East Timor is constructed on the idea that it is a hub for making rubber shoes . This construct can then be traced and rooted on the facets of economics and sociology

On the other hand , the response of both the man and woman according to behavioral geography can be deduced as a limited outlook of what is happening in the environment . Operating on the concept of behavioral geography , Couclelis and Golledge argue that human beings respond to their environment as it is perceived and interpreted through previous experience and knowledge...

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