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Police ride along

Student Ride-Along : Observations and Notes on Officer Descretion

A student ride-along ' experience is key to his or her law enforcement training . In particular , the practice allows the student to observe the use of discretion and techniques by the police officers who patrol our communities . By watching the officer in the field ' the student can gain valuable insights into questions concerning when to stop an individual , who to arrest and why , as well as how such questions of discretion affect the patrol officer 's job

In this example , I had the opportunity to

ride along with Sergeant Porreca Adam of the 1st Platoon 152nd Military Police Company at Fort Hamilton on a Saturday . I particular , I wanted to observe a typical day on garrison for a Military Police Officer

The first thing I noticed the procedure was very different from my previous experiences working with MP 's in the Kosovo and Iraqi combat zones . Before heading out with Sergeant Atwater and Porreca Adam , the squad leader goes through what is known as a Pre Combat Inspection , or PCI . During this we received the morning briefing by SFC Martenez on what the major issues for the day would be . They were as follows

Civilian access on Saturday night is a problem due to possible DWI 's Because the Officer 's Club is open to the general population , there is also a heavy flow of traffic at approximately 2100 hours . This traffic can be so severe as to extend a heavy traffic line to the outside of the base , creating a block of a major intersection

Domestic violence

In response to these issues , officer Porreca 's duties include assisting with traffic control during the peak time period between 2100 and 2300 hours . Further , the office of the Provost Marshall on Post will have the authority to open a new entrance at the back gate to help with traffic flow . Further , in response to the domestic violence issue , I had the opportunity to speak with officer Porreca during the first hours of our shift . He indicated that Fort Hamilton has a high level of domestic violence due to its large size . Further , the Army Community Service has a representative on call at all times for victim assistance and I was made aware of this resource

On Patrol

As we began our patrol we headed out to a small shop (a combination deli and liquor store ) on post . Because we are on federal property , anyone over 18 with proper military ID can purchase either tobacco or alcohol 24 hours per day . As we patrolled , I learned that there are only three patrol cars on duty

At the Fort Hamilton Parkway and 100th street we stood at the main gate and called to check on a vehicle along the fence near Ocean View housing . The car was parked illegally and was blocking part of the street in a hazardous fashion . Sergeant Porreca collected the tag number , called up the owner 's information , found it was a...

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