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Police Role


In today 's society , police officers ' roles are not limited to being law enforcers , they are also considered as the front liners of civil defense , public management and social institutions . These require crime prevention and control , public and delivery of social services According to Peak (2006 ) the success of police officers in fulfilling these roles is indicative of the effectivity of public safety and wellbeing , and more importantly the health of social institutions . This will discuss these roles through the study of current issues regarding the police as a profession

and as an institution . Thus understanding and insights can be developed regarding these police functions and their importance in society

As Crime Fighters

In a recent article for the Los Angeles Times , Milonopoulos (2007 points out that the police force is considered the primary factor in crime prevention . This is highlighted by Congress ' initiative to increase the number of police officers in the service . This has been in reaction to data gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI indicating a rise in the incidence of crime , particularly violent ones in the past year . Furthermore , the study indicated that there is evidence that recent decline in police visibility due to lack of manpower among police services has been identified as one of the key factors to the trend . At the same time , limitations on the number of police criminal investigators have also affected the case turnover rates , compromising criminal justice proceedings

The acknowledgment of the need to enhance police presence to prevent crime on a federal level indicates that the police institution is the primary deterrent to the prevalence of crime . This suggests that the presence of police officers is critical in ensuring the offenders are apprehended and are accorded into the criminal justice system . This requires that arresting offenders and establishing criminal liability so that cases can be brought to the courts . Even more , the indication that police visibility is an effective deterrent to crime suggests that the role of police as crime fighters is not just functional but also is part of social psychology

In Preventing Crime

The arrest of thirty individuals in Northern California for suspicions of being members of a heroin ring illustrates the role of police officers in crime prevention . Through investigating and monitoring of known criminal elements , the police were able to stop the heroin from being sold in the streets (Lee , 2007 . This is a concern that has been particularly significant for the local police department because of the high correlation of drug use and violent crimes

The actions of the police department show that need to apprehend criminals before they injure the public . The arrests deter the use of drugs for trade or as incentive for other crime . At the same time , by neutralizing the group was prevented from , according to U .S . State Attorney Scott Schools , creating dis for their own purposes

Establishing Social

According to incident reports , there have been numerous complaints from residents regarding the...

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