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Police Discretion


Police Discretion

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Police Discretion

From a personal point of view , discretion pertains to the power and freedom of an individual to create and come up with a decision , based mainly on his or her own personal perception , in a given time and situation . Thus , it is mainly exercised for the purpose of giving an individual the needed liberty to make the necessary decision or judgement in situations wherein the need for urgent action and

br resolution is great . Normally , the discretion to come up with immediate judgement is vital for police officers . This mainly gives the officers the right and the power to make the needed actions and decision in handling critical cases , as a part of their job in enforcing the law

In the scenario provided in this , it is considered that the officer used her discretion accordingly in resolving the issue . Given that she has the full capacity and liberty to handle abrupt cases on her own hands and perception , her judgement and action in the scenario serve as the best way to handle the case accordingly without jeopardizing the lives of innocent civilians . After all , the police officer is the only one left accountable and is in the right position to make those kinds of action and decision that would immediately resolve the issue

Given that the officer has given the suspect with the opportunity to surrender himself and follow the s given...

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