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Police Discretion-The United States (Past and Present)


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Police Discretion

Discretion was defined to be the selection among possible path of actions . It was rampant and has great importance in the criminal justice

Discretion can be looked at different perspectives such as discretion-as-judgment , discretion-as-choice , discretion-as-discernment discretion-as-liberty and discretion-as-license . In the discretion-as-judgment , discretion is perceived as the converse of routine or habitual practices . In line with this , discretion gives anyone knowledge , ideas , abilities and insights unexpectedly . Police are not soldiers that are commanded with s . Police must be more

br objective and prudent in applying and materializing rules and must follow what the rule is all about . As discretion-as-choice , discretion includes forming of personal attachments , contribution , judgment calls and intellectual decisions . It is all about the ability of making own decisions and following your conscience and modification of superior 's decision if necessary

On the other hand , discretion-as-discernment looked at discretion as not only making decisions or choices but also making good and virtuous decisions . Discernment is prudence , foresight tactfulness , tolerance empathy and being discreet . In discretion-as-liberty , discretion is the authorization of being free to act and using this permission to broaden the rights and duties , which aim of vision of liberty and inalienable rights . Lastly , the discretion-as-license sees discretion as the contrary of standard prospect . It gives anybody the privilege to break the rules , defy your immediate superior , and be less than perfect all the time however maintaining good relationship with your superior or the common public

Furthermore , discretion not just like doing what you like what you want and what you prefer . Discretion is restricted by several norms of the society

Police discretion was a forbidden theme of conversation until 1956 when American Bar Foundation released a study about it . Even the study had showed such discretion , still nobody would admit it occurred or existed The attitude of police toward legality of actions is that any variation from accepted flow of actions was considered extralegal and noted as somewhat source of corruption . When it was unveiled to public , people and other institutions like the American Friends Service Committee (1971 ) have called for its immediate abolishment and thus police authorities required a clampdown on the issue of discretion . Now , it is perceived as bad or good if used properly . The exercise of discretion was mainly not the problem however there are cases that police discretion was abused

Discretion is granted on police authorities for the purpose of serving the needs of the community and giving them the sense of protection they need . There are different types of police legalistic , watchman or service style but the main point is how they structured and controlled discretion

There are various causes of police discretion . One is an offender variable in which police accept seriously complaints made by mature individual than complaints made by youth . African Americans are more prone for arrest and force of police authorities . There are also cases that people who show good attitude to police is most likely to be treated mildly . People...

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