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Police Administration/Criminal Justice

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Critical Analysis of the Police Organization

Law and maintenance and implementation is a necessary requisite for the smooth running of a country . Law and , basically , keeps the damaging agents , that may disrupt normal and routine way of life , at bay . The beneficiaries of an efficient law and system are the businesses , public and private properties and day to day social and professional activities . Maintaining law and is the primary duty of the police force . Police forces are usually government organizations

charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and , and protecting the general public from harm . In for police officers to do their job well , they are vested by the state with certain powers These include the powers to arrest , search , seize , interrogate and if necessary , to use lethal force . In many countries , the rule of law , the law of criminal procedure has been developed to regulate the discretion and authority of the police officials , so that they do not exercise their powers unjustly . The police force attains an important place for smooth functioning of any state apparatus . This has been designed to scrutinize the police as an organization and latest trends influencing policing with reasoning for their occurrences

The concept of police in the modern sense was developed by French legal scholars and practitioners in the 17th century and early 18th century with notably Nicolas de La Mare 's authoritative Treatise of the Police published between 1705 and 1738 . As a result , first police force in the modern sense was created by the government of King Louis XIV in 1667 in Paris . The royal edict defined police work as `ensuring the peace and quiet of the public and of private individuals , purging the city of what may cause disturbances , procuring abundance , and having each and everyone live according to their station and their duties (Carswell pars . 2-7

In the United Kingdom , on June 30 , 1800 , the authorities of Glasgow successfully petitioned the Government to pass the Glasgow Police Act establishing the City of Glasgow Police . This was the first professional police service in the country and it practiced preventative policing . On September 29 , 1829 , the Metropolitan Police Act was passed by Parliament , allowing the establishment of London Metropolitan Police . It became a model for the police forces of United States , where the first organized police service was established in Philadelphia in 1833 followed by in New York in 1844 ( Police ' pars . 1-4

Police force at that time generally comprised of watchmen who were required to walk their rounds in the streets , slowly and silently . They were also to stand still and listen , as well as call out the hour weather conditions and maintain the street lamps . During that time , the police department and the police force , had the duty to protect life and property , prevent crime by detecting and arresting offenders and preserve the public peace . With the passage of time , the police force was...

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