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Poli Sci

RUNNING HEAD : Justice System The Primary Characteristics and Philosophical Underpinnings of the Crime Control and Due Process Models in the Crime Justice system





1 .0 Introduction

A criminal justice system refers to a system of organization and practices that a local or a national government uses to sanction those who violate laws , to deter and control crime , and to maintain social control in the society . Those who violate the set laws and regulations are usually sanctioned through rehabilitation or criminal penalties . It is

very important that a given government works within the laws that protect peoples ' rights when processing the individuals accused of a crime through the justice system . A criminal justice system is made up of three main divisions the law enforcement , the adjudication , and the correctional instructions . The law enforcement division is usually involved in ensuring that the set laws and regulations in a given society are observed and the monitoring of whether individuals maintain law and is a responsibility given to the police . The police are the first people that an offender interacts with first in the justice system since they have a responsibility to investigate and arrest offenders . According to the law , law enforcement agencies and the police have the power to use force , legal coercion , or legal means to ensure social and public is maintained . The next step an offender goes through in the system is through the courts (John , 2005

The courts offer an offender the venue in...

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